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Ad Floating 2 Floating Push 推送通知最大的挑战之一是,在发布者开始发送通知之前,它们需要获得批准。此外,这种广告格式不适用于某些类型的设备,例如iPhone和其他iOS小工具。幸运的是,我们的浮动推送通知广告允许广告商克服这一常见障碍。 创建活动
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  • 不需要选择加入–可以向正在浏览特定页面的用户发送浮动推送通知。
  • Can be tailored to any industry – as with conventional notifications, floating pushes are ideal for virtually all industries.
  • Suitable for all devices – floating push notifications can be sent to all devices, including iOS devices like iPhones.
  • Wider reach than conventional push notifications – because there are no device restrictions or opt-in requirement, this format offers a wider reach than conventional push.
  • Cost-effective – floating push ads deliver superb ROI, making it one of the most innovative yet cost-effective options out there.

How do Floating Advertisement Work

Unlike regular push notifications, floating push ads don’t require approval before they are displayed. The reason for this is that these floating push notifications employ similar technology to pop ads. That said, this type of ad still looks like a push notification and produces very similar results.

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What Verticals Work Best with Floating Push Notification Ads?

  • Cryptocurrency and Finance
  • Sweepstakes, Coupons, and Freebies
  • Gambling, Casino, and All Forms of Betting
  • Health, Beauty, and Nutra
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Games and Utilities
  • News and Entertainment

Launch a Successful Campaign!

Floating push advertisement, which is also known as in-page push notifications, is an ad format that’s very similar to traditional push ads. The difference is that floating push notifications are displayed directly on a website rather than the device itself, which means that users don’t have to opt-in in order to get an alert. Furthermore, floating pushes are suitable for all device types, including iOS devices.

Floating push notifications are similar to regular pushes, so the ad creation process is similar. Each ad consists of a title, text copy, and small thumbnail. It may take some practice, but you need to learn how to deliver value, stay in context, and entice users through the actual design of the ad.


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